You are viewing our legacy system. We will be migrating all events and clubs to our new system eventually. In the meantime, you can still register using our old system (check out our new system here)


Q: How do I setup an event?

A: Setting up an event is super easy and you can do it all by yourself! Simply click on the "Add Event" link in the main menu and go through our simple "Add Event" form. You can setup simple events within minutes and have the ability to customize setup for complex events with ease. Don't worry - you always have the ability to edit your event and can easily duplicate it from year-to-year.

Q: Can I see a demo of TrackieReg?

A: Yes! You can check out a few short video tutorials here. Also, when setting up your event you can choose to "hide" it and test your own event to make sure everything is exactly how you want it before releasing it to the public.

Q: How customizable can I make my registration form?

A: Our registration system offers a vast amount of features and settings that you can utilize to customize your registration form to your needs. You can easily add additional questions, sell merchandise, and customize pricing based on event, age category, membership, registration deadlines, etc. Our system is primary used for track & field meets, road races, x-country/trail events, membership or ticket sales, but you can use our system for ANY type of online registration need. If you need further customization, we'll program it free of charge. It's that simple.

Q: I already use another registration system. Can I transfer it to TrackieReg?

A: The support team at TrackieReg can easily migrate your event information and registrant data from another company to TrackieReg. Best of all, we provide this service free of charge.

Q: Is your system compatible with all timing companies and software?

A: Yes. We offer a variety of different exporting types to ensure you can import your registrant data into your favorite software such as Microsoft Excel or Hy-tek Meet Manager with ease.

Q: Why would I choose TrackieReg over other online registration services?

A: We've extensively researched over 50 of our top competitors to see what they had to offer in online registration services, and then went a couple of steps further with the process. Although some of our competitors offer a great service, we wanted to offer something better, so here are the main benefits of using TrackieReg:

  • Our system is completely FREE for events to use! A lot of companies make this claim, but charge for custom programming, refund processing, etc… We don't.
  • We give you full control over your own event at all times. You can add, edit, and manage your event without going through us at all! Keep in mind though that we're always here to help you if you need us.
  • We don't require your registrants to login. Why scare away your potential participants with yet another password they have to remember?
  • If you want to collect payments online our additional processing fee that is charged to your registrants (you can choose to absorb) is by far the lowest of our competitors. Why make your registrants pay more?
  • We give you the ability to transfer your collected registration funds ANYTIME you want. Why should you have to wait for your registration funds? It's your money!
  • We have tons of other great features so you can completely customize your event registration to your needs.
  • Our #1 priority is customer support and NOT sales!

Q: I'm not totally convinced that TrackieReg is the best online registration system… yet!

A: Almost all of our clients choose us because of client referrals. See what our actual clients are saying!


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